Antonio Lucà

There is no fancy story about how I got into photography: I have no childhood memories of playing with cameras nor did I take classes in high school; I just bought a cheap camera then my way of looking at people, feeling emotions totally changed. What’s great about photography is everything stems from emotions.

Photography is an essential part of my life, an inner strength, a personal need, my desire.

Photography is a passion that has developed into my profession in life. Spanning London and Rome: colors, shapes, compositions, unfocused and static pictures, as well as feelings and emotions represent a few concepts of my range of pictures. I seek the intensity of an emotion. Every picture represents a path inviting the spectator to observe, to see beyond the image. Glimpsing the emotions and atmosphere of scenes: not only technique and profession, but like an author and his masterpiece, my aim is to tell something about a situation or emotion without interfering with the reality I observe.