Leaf Photography

Leaf photography is a team of Italian wedding photographers, which works in Italy and UK.


Leaf photography rises from an idea of Francesco Rossi and Luigi Cattozzo, who grew up together and widened their experience within Marco Miglianti’s studio in Tuscany, where they had the chance to cover many weddings in Italy as well as abroad. The third photographer of the team is Antonio Lucà, an Italian photographer based in London, who joined us at a later stage after a collaboration during the wedding season 2012.


Leaf is a new, solid and exciting photographic reality formed by young photographers who, have already gained a significant experience within the photography industry. The style of Leaf is devoted to spontaneity, where poses are minimized, and the goal of every service is to tell wedding stories without interfering too much. Our work witnesses and perpetuates the true emotions and the sparkle that makes you smile on your very special day.


Leaf Photography finds its roots in Tuscany and in London and operates throughout Italy as well as abroad.


Please feel free to contact us to share your ideas and find out more about our photography packages and our beautiful wedding albums.